Girls, Why do I feel more feminine when I wear a skirt or dress?

This seems to be stupid on the surface. When I was younger, I very rarely wore skirts and dresses. I was more comfortable wearing pants. Now, that seems to be all that I want to wear. I feel better now when I wear a skirt or dress. Is that age, or what?


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  • I feel exactly the same, to me there is nothing better than a floating maxi dress on a warm summers day; closest thing to walking naked.

    I don’t want to dress like a man, even if it’s more comfortable and practical sometimes.

    As well as the feel, look, material and patterns, it might just be psychological in the fact that man doesn’t wear skirts of dresses that makes us feel more feminine wearing them.


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  • Because it's flowy and flirty or it's tight and airy. =)