What Is he best way to casually turn a guy on?

If you were standing in the hallway during school or something and you don't want to look like a slut but want him to know your interested


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  • our body language should be dropping very strong hints by sending the right signals. It should supplement what your words and eyes are not communicating. On this particular occasion let your body behave seductively. Move it in a suggestive manner as you move around doing your chores. Let your sitting style leave a lot to be desired. Sitting in a cross legged posture while putting on an above the knee office skirt gives him food for thought. Make sure you sit directly opposite him. In order to turn a guy on, keep crossing and uncrossing your revealing and shapely legs. It makes his head swirl with excitement. If you keep it up cool and neat, you will see the glint in his eye. The tension rising in his body and a change in his voice.

    Do not forget to choose your body perfume expertly. It will make him want to stay closer to you. But who wouldn't when you are having an inviting fragrance on you? When you are smelling like freshly cut flowers. He will be dying to hold and embrace you in order to drink that heady fragrance to his fill. He will want to be enveloped by such a good smell and while you turn a guy on change your tone of voice. Adopt a husky and drooling voice and you will drive even a brother crazier.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D


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  • Smile and look at him often. Twirl your hair. Drop your book and bend over to pick it up, etc

  • Smile at him but don't be so cheesy. If its just you too in the hallway say hi and slow down a bit and if he wants he would hug you and you know if he's intrested or not :)