Girls, how weird is it if a guy tried wearing a thong?

I tried wearing a thong out of curiousity because all of my female friends bitch and complain about them lol.

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  • As long as you're not stealing *my* underwear, I literally do not care.


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  • Meaning on a scale of 1-10? It's a ten dude. Very weird. But if that's your thing enjoy. To each their own.

    • i dont wear them everday. i just tried one on. taking it your are not a thong girl?

    • Of course I am. What does that have to do with guys wearing thongs? How does a guy even fit his stuff in a thong?

    • now you seem curious lol. message me so this isn't all on the question lol

  • it's strange... where did you get it?

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