Are snow pants only useful for skiing/snowboarding?

I'm thinking of learning to ski this year, so I'm going to buy an outfit! But I'm wondering if that outfit still be useful or a waste of money if I don't end up liking skiing!


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  • Unless you live in an area that gets very snowy - They would be too heavy for anything else.


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  • only for skiing.

    • So if I don't like it, then I've just wasted a lot of money? :(

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  • nope, it's useful if you're really going to try.

    • I do plan on really trying, but you're saying they are not really of any use otherwise? I just hate the idea of wasting the money :(

    • I don't see what else you could use them for... unless where you live gets lots of snow too?

    • I wouldn't say lots of snow... but some!!!