What to wear to a wedding?

So a same-sex couple friends of mine are getting married in November (you can FINALLY do that in NC!). For those who have seen a post or two of mine, you know I like to crossdress. My male friend has asked me if I'd be his date to the wedding, and of course I said yes!

I need to figure out what to wear, as this will be a first for me. I'm 5'7", 148" now with sandy blond hair. Any outfit suggestions would be really, really appreciated (including colors, shoes, etc., as surprisingly, I'm not great at putting things together), as well as where to shop for something great for this event!


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  • Maybe you can just pull a Carrie Bradshaw (Google sex in the city movie 2). To her gay friends wedding she wears a fitted suit, messy but stylish hair and makeup and of course fabulous heels :)


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  • Lots of things to consider here - How expierenced a crossdresser you are , the look you are going for , how you look yourself - I would think google is your friend here and through forums you may find a crossdressing or crossdressing friendly store in your area to give you the expert help to get you the best outfit. I hope you enjoy day and get a great outfit.


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