This summer I recently lost a lot of weight?

I lost like 30-40 lbs went down almost two shirt sizes and took off 3-4 inches from my waist I'm proud of myself and so are my family and friends, however none of my clothes fit me the only thing that fits my waist are my jeans if I wear a tight belt but I also grew 4 inches in height so I can't wear them what do I do can I shrink my clothes in any way and if not where to get good preppy/formal/casual clothes at a reasonable price? Some clothes needed are
dress shirts
button up shirts
dress slacks
t shirts


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  • Well any normal store will have reasonable prices - try getting things on sale!


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  • Well done on weight loss - I would do a shopping expedition - You might get some bargains - A new wardrobe is always going to cost but think of it as reward for your hard work - Maybe thrift shops or charity might throw up a few things - With a limited budget shop around, go online to try and get best prices.