Girls, what should I wear for a (ridiculous) wedding on a ski hill?

Putting aside how silly this whole idea is... what on earth should I wear to the ceremony? Northern Michigan, middle of February. So we are talking like 0F max (-17C)!!!

PS. I get cold easily:(


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  • Get a cute winter dress and a dressy jacket to match, then wear thick leggings and ankle boots. Cute and stylish, and depending on the type of dress you get it can be as nice or as casual as you need it to be, but still warm. If it's super cold, wear a warm t shirt or tank top underneath.

    • *thick leggings should be black or a solid color to match your dress to keep the dressy-ness of wedding attire (they'll look like hose.)

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    • What about thermal long underwear? Sure it sounds silly but they look the same and nobody would be the wiser.

    • Like these. Read the description and the reviews. I'm not sure if these are the warmest ones or not but I know they have warmer ones, you'll just have to look for them.

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