Do you girls like it when a guy wears jewelry or do you find it makes him look like a tool?


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  • When it comes to guys, less is more. Men have to wear simple jewellry to look good, this has a lot to do with physique. Girls are allowed to wear statement pieces because of their smaller petite frames while guys have generally large bodies and shouldn't clash it with equally large accessories.

    Rings should be simple bands (there can be inscriptions but gems and large intricate patterns is already too much.)

    Necklaces should be avoided! But if you really want, necklaces should be rope and short (chain necklaces sometimes looks pimp-ish).

    Sunglasses are a definate yes! Aviators are the best brand.

    Watches are a definite yes (the previous girl's photo is an amazing example!) Watches are timeless pieces, it works on every man and has this sort of classic/business/smart look to it.

    Wrists can be adorned with beaded bracelets, rope bracelets, weaved bracelets, it kind of gives this beachy surfer-dude kinda vibe.

    Also rope ankle bracelets are pretty nice on men, especially when the body type is lean and tan.

    Hope this narrows down your options more :)


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