Cute, Hot, Sexy, and Beautiful!?!

What do you look for in girls? What makes a cute girl different from a sexy girl, and a hot girl different from a beautiful girl?


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  • Other people put it nicely too, but Cute and Beautiful (for me) are used when I have genuine interest in her and she is really great in many ways. Hot and sexy I usually use for simply describing physical appearance (and I usually use it in cases of intimidation).

  • Cute- simply adorable and can make you laugh no matter what she does

    sexy- means confidence, appeal, and breath taking

    hot - your making him sweat and he needs you to cool him off lol

    beautiful- absolutely breath taking

    • Pretty much the way I'd explain it too, sexy is not just about looks but attitude and image. I wouldn't likely use 'hot' to compliment a girl to her face, it's been so overused I assumed most girls would rather be called beautiful or gorgeous or something of the like. Although the girls I've been most attracted to overall I'd describe as cute, because I like petite, pretty-face girls who are funny and fun to talk to.

    • Best to say to a girl that she's breath taking. says a lot more and it hasn't been said or over used like the other words

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