Do girls bother about guy's looks?

just as guys search for a girl with a "PERFECT " figure, do girls also search for sexy men, and if yes, what do you define sexy as?


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  • Absolutely. Girls have their own preferences too. Long hair, short hair, tight abs, tall, tanned, muscular, lean. If a guy has too much around the middle it can sometimes be a turn off. I know a lot of girls, including myself, love a guy with nice sculpted (but not too big) arms because we love imagining them embracing us. However, I think that sometimes girls can really be swayed by a confident, genuine personality in spite of looks. I have found that even if at first I wasn't attracted to a physically unattractive guy's looks, his personality literally made him look better. Also, certain facial expressions, gestures, even a nice smile can make a guy that much more attractive. Of course the guy can't be repulsive. I'm not sure what repulsive is though, since it's all relative.


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  • Well of course. it works both ways. For me, the physical qualities that attract me are height (5'10 and up), slim but not too thin, dark hair, cute smile. But the hottest guy will seem unattractive if he's cocky and has a bad personality. So personality is definitely number 1 for me


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