What do you think to guys that wear thongs?

Alright, hey guys!

Im a guy, and I've been wearing thongs for id say 8-9 weeks, and I actually wear them as my regular underwear, I hate boxers/briefs, they just rise up and ugh, I hate them!

I've not really told anyone aside from my close friends, so I'm just wondering, what do you think to guys that wear thongs?

I'd like to see perspectives from both genders too.

Just to clarify, I'm not gay or anything, just really feminine. I act like a girl, etc. I think my birth was fucked up, but anyways...

Thanks guys, can't wait to see your views! ^-^ <3


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    Wouldn't exactly be a turn off nor a turn on , but I'd be curious why you'd wear thongs.

    • I understand what you mean, I hate the feeling of not having support down there with boxers, as if it just 'flops' around in a way, and really uncomfortable.

      I'd wear briefs, but I hate the fact knowing I may have panty lines, so the final resort I can see is thongs.

      I personally don't mind them, I've worn them for 6 weeks consecutively and they've not bothered me.

      Thanks for your opinion! :3

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  • It is your choice to wear what you want - I personally have no problem with what a person wears of either gender but from a personal point of view I couldn't wear them, I wore male thongs before and thought they were so uncomfortable but that is just a personal preference.


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  • It would probably pique my curiosity but it wouldn't be a turn off or turn on.

    • Thanks for sharing your opinion! If you're wanting to know why I wear them, its because of panty lines. I hate wearing boxers, they basically provide no support down there, and even if you got tight fitting ones, they seem to ride up, which is super annoying. Id go with briefs, but then again, panty lines.

      Plus im a little feminine, so it feels like something I should do, and without denial, it does arouse / make me wonder what others think, which sometimes excites me.

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  • It is no big deal.

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