What Physical Attributes Do You Find Attractive In A Guy?

We all know that guys go after girls they think are hot, but what do you girls think in your head when you turn around and see a hot guy standing there. What do you define as hot and average? Maybe some examples of hot male celebrities would be useful...


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  • I usually think guys who have cool dark flippy hair and a cute smile who wear rockerish clothes are hot. Like I lovee when a guy wears worn out jeans and a flannel and leather bracelets. But look wise guys are hot when they have 5 o'clock shadow and muscles and such. I hope this helps you somewhat :)


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  • well it actually depends on the guy

    but personally I find tall guys attractive

    it also help if they have a bad boy or rocker style going on

    what else... mm I think that also guys with dark black hair and a really nice smile

    hope I helped

  • For me I like a strong jaw line and a nice smile. Pretty eyes too. And cute hair but that's less important. Overall nice features, like not too hard looking.


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