How do guys feel about hair extensions?

The title pretty much says guys how would you feel if the girl you liked had extensions? For example with me I'm black but the extensions I have fool a lot of people they assume its my own hair because its well kept and realistic looking, and a lot of people tell me I look really nice with extensions, but I also look nice with my natural hair. So guys would you have an issue if the girl you liked had extensions? and girls with extensions...have you ever encountered a guy who didn't like it..or maybe did like it?


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  • Personally I have no issues with girls and hair extensions, as long as it looks presentable; I'd hate to be seen walking down the street with someone who looks like they have just found a wig in a bin. All the guys I know, also think the same as me.

    Although; It does generally depend on your hair style, color and length. As you've said there not noticeable, and people compliment your natural hair as-well as your hair extensions; in which case: do whatever you feel comfortable with. Unless of course there is someone your trying to impress in which case I'd recommend you be yourself - natural.

    Best of Luck.

    • Yea I think I may go natural more often...but if you guys knew how much effort it takes to keep natural hair looking'll probaly undertstand y so many girls wear extensions! but thanks for the answer it was really good

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