Am I really that creepy?

We've been having some very cold weather recently and while I was on the tram platform I noticed a young woman who was wearing very thin clothes and looked freezing.

I glanced at her a few times, amazed that she didn't at least have a jacket on. I started to feel guilty about looking at her obvious discomfort with out offering her any help. So I said to her "Excuse me. You look freezing would you like some gloves?" I held out my gloves and she took them with a smile and said thank you.

I went back to waiting for my tram, but I could see her on the peripheral of my vision. She fidgeted with the gloves for about twenty seconds, before getting my attention, handing me back my gloves and telling me she was fine. She then made her way to the other end of the platform, as far away from me as it was possible to be whilst remaining on the platform.

My question is how the hell did I manage to creep this woman out so badly?

I wasn't hitting on her or expecting anything back, all I wanted to do was be nice and help someone who looked like they needed it.

Why did she give the gloves back? And why did she want to get so far away from me?


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  • well it's not that your creepy it's just she didn't know you and she might have thought you was hiting on her,so maybe she thaught it would be best to move away from you. not that she thaught you was a creep just because she may have thought you was flirting with her and stuff, it's sweet that you was helping her but it might have made her feel uncomftorable.


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  • its kinda weird that she took the gloves then gave them back to u. personally it doesn't matter how cold I am, I'm not wearing anyone elses gloves. that's unhygenic. she should of just told you no from the beging.she was probably embarrased that you had to lend her gloves and then walked away from you because she was embarresed and didn't want to be around you and she probably didn't feel like talking. she was probably worried that you might start asking her why she's not wearing a jacket and it might have been something personal she didn't feel like talking about.

  • some people think by doin an act like this that you are giving charity or somethin and she is probably a prideful person. if so then to her you its like your sayin she doesn't have money or anythin to buy some so you offended her.


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