Why do stereotypically unattractive women check me out more than stereotypically attractive women?

i've been told (by stereotypically attractive women) that I am very good looking and I've dated and hooked up with these women, but I notice that I am checked out WAY more by stereotypically unattractive women then the stereotypically attractive women.

i don't get it.

any ideas?


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  • Well what are your standards for an attractive woman? Maybe there are simply less women that fit the criteria for ''attractive'' while the others fall into ''attractive''. That and perhaps these attractive women have set the bar really high, and it takes a bit more oomph to be noticed by them.

  • maybe 'stereotypically unattractive' woman don't frequently get with guys that look like you while the 'stereotypically attractive' woman are used to attractive guys and are no longer impressed by them. I dunno. I'd be flattered instead of questioning it.


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