Girls, what are your tips for dressing legit warm this winter?

I'm a complete freeze baby when it comes to cold weather and would love some tips for how to dress legit warm (not like LA winter warm)! Like serious warm.


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  • I’m a snugly bugly as well; love the winter and winter fashions. My favourite way to keep extra warm and still stay looking good, are as follows.
    Thermal underwear, thick tights and socks, knee high boots , turtle neck sweater dress or thick sweater and skirt that comes down to my boots or just below, a long wool winter coat, hat, scarf and gloves.

    Use layers, natural fibres preferably wool, avoid denim or leather (ok for boots) and any manmade fibres.

    I always spend big on my winter coat and to me it’s worth every penny and is the most important part of my winter wardrobe I tend to stick to black and a classic cut and design, so it’s always in fashion and will last a good few years.

    • Thanks! Those are wonderful suggestions! I love turtle neck sweater dresses too! What do you think of goose down parkas though? Like this one? Wool might not be warm enough!!

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    • North part of the usa, and its going to get coooolllddd. It's about 50 degrees (10C) and it's only September. I'm freezing already that's why I asked the question :)

    • Oh ok, I have a friend who live just across the border in Canada and an Uncle who lived in Buffalo and both of them were always saying how cold it gets, so I sort of understand now why you are asking. Its still 18C here in the UK so I'm alright for a couple of months yet. But I shall still start my winter shopping soon :)

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  • Me too!!! Wear layers, lots of layers. I like to wear tights underneath my jeans and knee high socks. I have a pea coat that goes past my knees and has a hood. You could wear leg warmers with boots, or sweater dresses if you want to be cute but wear extra thick leggings sometimes I pair them with tights.

    • You are right! Layers are key! Tights underneath jeans are a genius idea! I think I'll do it today! What temperature would you start doing that?

  • what helps me is to wear leggings under my pants!!

    • This is a really popular idea thanks!!! I guess lots of people do it! What temperature would you start doing that?

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