Alternative Ways Ladies Look To Meet Guys?

OK for a guy who is 27 and single, what is the best place to meet a quality girl? I don't like the bar/club scene for a girlfriend potential person and online dating is meh.

Do girls really like to be approached when grocery shopping or at a bookstore, or is this creepy? (Haven't tried it because I think it's creepy)

Also, any other ideas outside of "singles events" etc that are for desperate people?

Oh yeah, I work with mostly all guys, so that option is out too.


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  • social events are great, try concerts, fairs, grab a news paper and look in the events. and its completely okay to hit on women at grocery stores and book stores, they actually respond better. In a club there expecting it. just be stat forward during the day, you know I just saw you and thought you were cute and had to say hi.

    as long as your authentic and look in her eyes you'll do fine

    • Thank you..That is good advice