What are your preferences of these?

In the form of generalities (not a specific occassion); what do you prefer on yourself AND the opposite sex?

shirt; polo, v-neck or t-shirt? color?
hat; hat or no hat? kind? color?
pants; khakis, dress, cargo or jeans? color?
pants; low, mid or high rise?
footwear; sneakers, dress, sandals, heels, wedges?
footwear; black, blue, white, green, brown, red, yellow, orange or multi?
belt; belt or no belt? color?
socks: low, ankle, no show, long? color?
wrist; bracelet, watch or none?
wrist; gold, silver, black, analog, digital, metal or leather? color?

+ colder weather +
outerwear; jacket, pullover sweatshirt, zip up sweatshirt, vest or some type of combo? color?
neck; scarf or not? color?
gloves; gloves or not? color?

Feel free to add anything I may have left out or if you have another suggestion.


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