How can I fix my hair?

I'm trying to have a slicked back kind of hairstyle. Kind of like Bradley Cooper

Except I want my hair to end at the neckline instead of curl. I used to get an
undercut hair style with long hair on top but I wanted to grow it out. Now I have
like 5-6 inches of hair on top and about 2 inches on the sides.

My problem is that whenever I pull it back, my left side springs back up and it
looks weird. My right side doesn't have this problem. I think it might have to do
with the way I sleep.

I prefer to use lighter products that hold my hair and can still be easily washed out.
Right now I use mousse to style and shine and some hair paste for hold. Eventually,
my left side pops back out again. The only way I can get it to stay down is use something
strong such as gel, but I really don't like gel.

Today I used a product called brylcreem which works good so far on my hair... except the left side.

What can I do to train my hair back where I want it? do I need some kind of hair iron? thin out my hair?
or does this mean that I need to get a hair cut after 3-4 months of not cutting it?


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  • get yourself some straighteners... not an expensive set as you dont need it, just something basic for now :)


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  • Consult with your barber about suitable products for your hair.