What was your worst wardrobe malfunction?


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  • My left boob is slightly bigger than my right so it always falls out of my bikini when I go down a water slide. Several times I've had to have my family tell me to put my tit away xD. Also I had a bikini where the bottom part would fall down whenever I climbed out of a swimming pool, revealing my arse.

    I'm not all that easily embarrassed by that kind of stuff though so I just kind of laughed and fixed my clothes


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  • Nothing was exposed but I made a couple of wardrobe mistakes - I got a shiny silk shirt for school discos and in my 20s I went through a rave phase, I got distracted in a shop by a gorgeous assistant ending up spending a fortune on a luminous orange top and very bright lime green/cream fleece hoodie.


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  • my skirts are always too short so things always happen.


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