Girls, what do u think of this?

I'm a high school student and dress nicely all the time, I'm pretty preppy but mostly at home cuz I don't wanna make a scene at school, rn I wear fitted jeans, designer t shirts, button ups etc, I wanna start wearing ties, I already have to every Friday because it's a school tradition to wear ties every Friday if you are on a sports team I am and I love the opportunity to wear dress pants dress shirts and ties to school I sometimes mix in a bow tie and my girl-friends love it when I wear ties what do u think of me wearing ties more often, I am 6 foot one with medium build cuz I'm muscular not overwheight or skinny what are your thoughts I would love lots of feedback and some long answers


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  • ... Because it's a school traaition to wear ties every Friday if you are on a sports team...
    You sound like a Classy Class A Guy and you probably dress to kill. You seem to have taste that isn't a waste, and with having manners to boot, Starting a Trend of 'Wearing ties more often' may start something special where it Is... Catchy and eye boggling.
    And even if you are the only Class Act who wears them, people will know you as the guy with the style and the smile And... All eyes will be on you.
    You sound pretty popular and I don't think you would 'Make a scene at school.' I believe you are the sort of guy who can probably get away with it, even if you wore a monkey suite every day, as they call it sometimes, I think you would blend in very well where no one would think anything of this.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank u I really appreciate the feedback that helps a lot

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    • Thanks xoxo most girls in my school seem to agree with me they love the ties in Friday's tradition

    • Oh, so welcome again.. tha tis because like yourself, they are too a bit on the class act themselves. xxoo

  • why are you lying about your age? unless you had to repeat highschool many times, I'm sure most hughschoolers are not between the ages 25-29

  • sounds good!