Girls, this is my school uniform?

My school has a very strict dress code and you have two options keep in mind this is all year September to June NO VARIATIONS
Navy polo shirt
black dress shoes
or (what I wear) again no variations all year long u choose one and u wear that u cannot alternate anything
white dress shirt
gold tie or gold bowtie
white sweatervest
navy blazer
khaki pants
black dress shoes
Now I chose this cuz I hate polos, the rules for what I wear are, dress shirt must be buttoned up at all times no matter the weather
tie must be done as tight as possible if your tie is Loose the teachers will practically strangle u when they do it up and they actually do uniform checks in class and do ur tightly as possible
shirt must be tucked in at all times
you must walk into school wearing it exactly as specified and walk out that way you cannot adjust ur tie or collar throughout the day,
Sweatervest must be worn in the summer or winter no matter what!
did I make a mistake and what do you think I should choose as the tie, and what do u think of my uniform I love my school and I love uniforms but it's so damn strict


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  • So what's the question please?

    • I meant can you relate what should I do should I try to switch uniforms what was ur expirience

    • Ooops sorry. No actually. Only in Prep. Our school didn't have school uniform and we called our tutors by their first name ! No Professors here ! I think you should take a stand for what you believe in. Make a good case and then put forward to the head.

  • Bowtie, man. Bowtie please. And then post a pic so we can see!

    • I was thinking that but I know the norm is regular tie I don't wanna stick out, aren't bow ties and sweater vests a little nerdy but I guess I won't get made fun of if its the uniform

    • Oh I don't know... I love sweater vests and bowties. But I'm a sucker for nerdy looking guys so you don't have to listen to me if you don't want to.

    • I think I'm gonna try it thanks for the help I'm glad I made the right choice

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