What do you think of this outfit for classy day for spirit week at my high school?

Blue dress shirt
Gold bow tie
white swearervest
khaki pants
navy blazer
black shoes
should I wear a sweater instead of a sweatervest that way if I take my blazer off I still have long sleeves on top of my long sleeve dress shirt or should I just keep everything done the whole time


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  • What is spirit week and why would it require a golden bow tie? A gold bow tie sounds over dressed for most occasions though...

    • It's a week where every day has a theme one of the themes is fancy that outfit with the gold are my school colors so I wanted to match them

    • Well in that case it sounds good!

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  • Outfit sounds good - I would go with sweater.


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  • Can you put up a picture of it laid out on a table? It's hard to picture in my head


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