How often (on a weekly basis) do you see women who (you're 99% sure) aren't wearing makeup?

This is more a question for the ladies than the men, but guys, feel free to answer based on your perception/current level of knowledge.

- Day to day life out in public
- Women you live with don't count because many/most take off their makeup at home
- All settings except illogical ones count (i. e. home, swimming pool, beach, sauna, salons, etc are excluded)

  • A) I almost never see women who are completely bare-faced
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  • B) <1/week
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  • C) ~1/week
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  • D) 2-5/week
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  • E) 7/week (1/day)
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  • F) 10-14/week (2-5/day)
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  • G) I see bare-faced women everywhere I look
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I feel most women wear some form of make up but it might be just the basics - I would say about 10/15% wear none at all.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Everyday. I'd say over half of the people I talk to do not wear make up but maybe its because I spend a lot of time in religious circles. Only about 5% of the people in my church wear make up to worship on Fridays.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Well not very often... to see a women with zero make up... not to often

    But I know a few girls who don't wear make up at all and look amazing... you have to have naturally red lips, nice blemish free skin to pull it of

  • I don't really know, i don't look for it


What Girls Said 2

  • I don't know where I live currently in Asia there's some with A LOT of make up on a person (including contact lenses, false lashes), but majority wear nothing at all actually. But thing is, I live downtown in the city so I see HELLA lot of people.

    • But like I said, I don't know, some people can make make up look really natural. And it depends on what you consider "make up" cause people here put on skin whitener creams on their face every day and I don't know if you consider that make up/cosmetics?

  • That 1/day is myself.