The best hair color for me? Please choose one ;)?

Natural brunette, porcelain-rosy skin, brown doe eyes, mediterranean features, shy, I like classy and vintage clothes with a femme fatale twist. Straight hair and fringe. Please pick a hair color for me

  • Jet black hair (my natural color)
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  • Auburn hair (reddish brown)
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  • honey brown
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  • blonde
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  • I think jet black would compliment you the most from your description.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Jet black hair over porcelain skin make a lot of contrast, and it's awesome to have that naturally, and not having to dye your hair costantly. Non died hair look healthier, more shiny and need less upkeep (less time and money consuming). Plus, having dark hair sets you apart from most porselain skinned girls who prefer light hair colours.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I need to see a pic of you before i can choose


What Girls Said 2

  • I'm confused. In the description of yourself you said you're a natural brunette, but in Vote A you said 'Jet black hair (my natural colour)'. So which is your natural hair colour?

    • Very dark brown to black, with natural reddish shine (redhead north european genetics I think, so I have some freckles over the nose too). But in general looks like black, not brown. I always think that brunette means black hair and not only brown, I'm confused about that :)

  • Try honey brown :)

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