Why do black football players need to wear eye black?

When on some of them, their skin shade is almost as dark as the eye black itself?

Also, if you think this is an offensive question, please explain why.

What possible purpose could be served by banning speaking the obvious truth?


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  • If your talking about those stickers they all werar those are actually mostly cosmetic and don't prevent glare at all,they just like to write there sayings on it and look cool. As for actual grease eye black I can't say I've seen to many black players wearing that but if there skin is that dark it is gonna act as a natural light block and if they wear real eye black maybe its just out of routine or it could still improve their vision just probably not as greatly as a pale guys.


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  • It helps absorb light, that way you don't get blinded when trying to catch a baseball or football.

    • I know, but didn't God kind of give them natural eyeblack?

    • The texture of skin remains the same it doesn't matter what color of skin they are both going to reflect light unless something is going to stop it.

    • Really? Are you a football player?

  • both white and black athletes wear this...

    • I know that, I just wonder why.