Ladies: What do you think I should do to improve my look?

Any tips? Anything. Hair clothes, whatever you think I should do.


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  • haha get a life.dork.

    luv ya,



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  • By "(your) look" I'm assuming you mean "how (you) would appear to others"

    This is everything on my mind:

    - Choose a different position for your next photo. It's cool to have fun and be wild, but too wild will scare away opportunities (like employers.)

    - Cut your hair, it will accentuate your facial features while you grow

    - Brush your tongue, I noticed some discoloration in there

    - Lose the plastic wrist bands

    The following ones are a little harsh, so prepare yourself

    - The way your posing with your mouth open and stuff, makes me remember that your young. Maintain your composure- being "psyched out" that your on an airliner, isn't cool man... lol - for sure though, I'm glad you got a kick out of it, because it made me laugh ^_^

    - Open your eyes and smile, it shows that you are human and that instead of rocking out to the stewartess' voice on the loud-speaker that you would be interested in having a conversation with someone when she is finished speaking about buckling yourself in.

    Another thing:

    On your profile I read --

    "Personality: Boyfriend Material Guy


    Yo. sucka's, You know its me."

    If you want more people to speak with you, it's better to be subtle and warm hearted. Coming off like your a gangster only makes others laugh, which could be alright- if you are the crazy/outgoing guy that likes to party; though that life will be short lived. I was there, and it's boring dude- you push away friends and family for a life that doesn't actually get you anywhere.

    But yeah... there you go, hope it helps and that you take the advice seriously~


    • I completely agree

    • Omg dude I don't know you and I lve you.......... jkjklol your so right ABOUT EVERYTHING was about to say everything you were about to say.and I aughed my ass off the hole time and especially about the picture

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