Short back and side hairstyle?

Do girls like this hairstyle? Or is it better for longer hair? I just love having short hair as it looks sharp and clean. And that's kind of my personality, simply, sharp, clean and to the point but also smart. Longer hair is just hard to keep clean and it requires styling all the time. My back and sides always grow so quickly too :(

I normally get 0.5/1 blend back and sides and then keep it a bit longer on top.


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  • lol , this reminds me of that jpg I saw earlier.

    • I'm literally wearing those loafers right now. Does that make me 1/4 fuck boy?

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    • Excuse you. Voltron for villains.

    • @9mfeo
      Well maleficent ain't exactly a villain now is she ;3
      Just seen as one by those who don't know better/

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  • It's always struck me as kind of a douchey haircut. Like, something a former frat boy might have when trying to get a real job. It's attractive but rubs me the wrong way.

    • Have a bad experience with a guy sporting this hairstyle? Do you find it's something more arrogant guys go for? It's quite bold isn't it?

    • No, just my impression.

  • It would look nicer if the back and sides weren't that shaved. It's not so classy in my opinion.


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  • I'm sure lots of girls like that style