Dark eye make up?

i like having dark eyes but sometimes there turn out a bit Gothic dose anyone know how to have dark eyes but not look Gothic


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  • I do a smokey look with my make-up usually, I have a brown eye shadow that I use and then I put a thin line of black eyeliner on the top lid right at the base of my eyelashes then mascara and then black eyeliner on the bottom. It really makes my eyes stand out and it's not too dark


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  • - dark eyes doesn't mean that its Gothic all the time, am a goth and sometimes I wear less make up or more make up, depends on my mood and the occassion.

    Plus the " dark= goth " statement is long gone now, everyone is wearing dark heavy makeup now adays, whether its an eye liner or smokey eyes!

    - I've noticed that the best eye shadow for everyone is the closest color to your eyes, if you have brown eyes then try brown shades on your eyelid.

    Use the closest color to your skin as a base, light brown and dark brown as a shade. perhaps add little black to the 2nd coute of brown.

    - if you want to have dark eyes with not too much eye shadow, all you have to do is wear a little bit of eye shadow on the top,whatever color it is. then apply little black eye shadow under your eyes, try dry eye liner as well to make it thicker.

    i personally love make up, for any occassion there is a certain make up for it so practice.

    if you still can't do it then all you have to do is check make up tutorials videos on youtube.

    I suggest Misschevious, she does all styles and she is a good teacher as well!

    here check it out


  • i like dark makeup too.. but what I do to prevent that is to use a couple of colours and put the darker/darkest one on the outside and work inwards with lighter colours.. and the way you dress makes a difference too.. maybe slightly brighter coloured clothes and stuff that doesn't look very goth..

  • im like you I like to have dark eyes when I go out what I normally do is put a cream colour on the bottome then a dark brown but not too much I tend to take some off with my fingers I also use liquid eyeliner normal eye liner and black mascara and it tends to do the trick

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