What do you think of hairdressers who say you HAVE to have a blow dry after your colour/cut even if you don't want it... and charge you extra for it?

They say the blow dry isn't optional but then charge you extra for it?


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  • They just want more money. They kind of persuade you to get it done and charge you for it anyways. It's very cunning. but then again, all sides of any business is like that.

    • I know it really annoys me! I am basically doing them a favour by getting a blow dry to keep them happy. And then being charged for it. It's ridiculous!

    • Yeah just be firm with them. They provide you service, it shouldn't be the other way around. But yeah it's absolutely fucked up for sure Hun.

    • They wouldn't take no for an answer! Why even bother telling me the total price of my colour/cut then tell me it costs extra on top of that for a compulsory blow dry whether I like it or not?