Guys What's The Most Attractive quality in Women?

Please explain why too! :)

  • Physical Attractiveness
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  • Sense of Humor
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  • Intelligence
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  • Friendly (Like one of the guys)
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  • Strong (Not needy)
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  • I have to say your question is incomplete.

    Different things at different times become more attractive.

    In the beginning, I'd have to say that her looks (or Physical Attractiveness) is the first thing that draws me in. Its the bait.

    The second thing for me is that she is Friendly, but usually goes in hand with her Sense of Humor. If she is like my guy friends, then she must have a great sense of Humor, and I would start to really be into her at this point.

    The deciding factor of whether I'm going to want to be with her is her Intelligence.

    If she has enough of that.

    She is my dream girl!

    & I want her!

    I hope that answered your question.

    Good luck with your. Research.


    A Loving Black Man


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  • Confidence would be my choice. I like directness and a woman who isn't afraid of communicating with me.

  • This will be 70% true:

    Boobies (. Y. )

  • The most attractive quality in a woman -- by far -- is her attitude. If she's fun, adaptable, easy going and low maintenance, then that's attractive. Sure we go for looks and body type as an initial attraction, but in the long run what' keeps a relationship together is a girl who doesn't criticize or makes things complicated. When she has this attitude you can see it in her eyes; so I'd say the eyes have it!

  • Well it starts with the eyes she's got to have the kind of eyes that you can see throe all the bullsh*t to the good in some one 20%Angel 80%Devil down to earth isn't afraid to get a little engine gees under her finger nails.

  • Hmm... I'm more fond of friendly (like one of the guys). So which one are you keen on? :D

  • I pick C:

    A smart girl, know what she want and what she need, so the communication is much easier.

  • I voted for the first one because without physical attractiveness what's the point of being with her if I can't even look at her.


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