What do you think of a person when they told you look almost exactly like their ex?

When a person approaches you and tells you, you look just like their ex, what do you think of that? What if they then ask you for a date? Would you do it? Would it turn you off because the person only approached you because you reminded him/her of an ex?

This is what happened to me yesterday. I was doing a technical service on a printer at a liquor store and the cashier was the woman that looked 99% like my ex. So I told her that and joked if she is her twin or something. Well she laughed and asked me how old she is and I said 34. And she whispered she is 40 and thanked me for telling her she looks like a 34 year old, and laughed. Since then I never seen her of course. But I am wondering if I should somehow approach her again, she might be the only in a lifetime catch for me, because after my ex, I have never been attracted to another girl. I want someone who is as beautiful as she, and this woman I met might just be the one. But it would be really awkward to approach her again.. Plus the age difference. And although I very mature like in my mid-late 20s, she would still think I am very young. But anyways, people what are your thoughts on this?


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  • it depends on the reasons why you broke up with your ex in the first place..

    think about it, it would be just like going back to them, on aphysical level of course since they would have diff personalities

    and its obvious you are not over your ex.


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  • It tells me they are not completely over their ex.

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