Girls honest opinion, do I really look that bad?

Your total, honest option without just wanting to insult me... do I really look that bad or why do girls look at me like I'm not human and from another planet ?...or pretend as if I'm invisible. Anything I Should improve on? I've been jokingly told I have an egged shaped head(lol), which I can see what people are talking about & don't deny it, but I can't do anything about it it that unattractive. I don't have the facial hair at the moment since the pics were taken. To give you a better ideal, I'm 6'3", 165-170 lean & in pretty descent shape. Pretty outgoing but shy sometimes.

I apologize in advance, the pics aren't super good.



Why do girls seem to look on me with apathy? & where does it come from?


girls opinions only please
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  • 1st pic, you came off as kinda scary, with a drug history. *just what I noticed/thought when I looked at that pic*

    2nd pic, you look nice, but kinda sad about something.

    I'm a firm believer that beauty (or handsomness) comes from the inside. if you're happy on the inside, in your heart, it will shine through your eyes, skin, hair, everything will "glow" more.

    you are not by any meants "ugly". not a hollywood hottie, but you are pretty decent.

    I would be so bold as to suggest that it isn't your looks keeping girls at bay. but rather what you are making up about what they think, when they look at you.

    "why do girls look at me like I'm not human and from another planet?"

    how do you know they are thinking that? have they all told you that? I'd be willing to bet that none have said so. in which case, you would have made it up yourself.

    Maybe you noticed strange looks while you were doing or wearing something strange? I can't imagine any sane girls looking on you "with apathy", without a reason besides your looks.

    I have to point out too, that your eyes appear to be VERY expressive. many times, when I see someone on the street who's soul is revealed through their eyes, I can't help but be intrigued. This could be what happens when other girls are looking at you.

    just consider that maybe they aren't looking at you with disgust. maybe your assumptions are wrong?

    humans like to look at beautiful things. its a fact. especially other good looking humans.

    • Yeah, I apologize the 1st pic is myself in the middle of doing or yelling something at work, the 2nd is just a random cell phone pic after a long day. I guess feel that I get bad impressions or sense apathy after talking with girls if some other guy has talked with them already(unknown 2 me), or maybe when there are better looking guys around(often).My adams apple sticks out a little and I don't have the best posture(not horrible either) because I have kyphosis (curved back),

    • ^^ so I don't know if its a combination of traits (couldnt fit this in my earlier post)

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  • The first picture was kinda scary. The second one looks totally fine! I think you look like a normal guy! =)

    Here's my thing. I have different categories of manly beauty. There's Man-Pretty (men with girly features), Handsome (not always hot but has a strong manly look and are sexy), and Attractive (men who look like models). To me you would be under handsome because you have a total masculine look ... strong jawline and masculine features. I really think you're handsome. To a lot of girls that is the most perferable look for a boyfriend. A girl doesn't want a guy who looks prettier than she does and attractive guys don't stay attractive forever.

    Your inner confidence comes through your looks. When you're happy, angry, bubbly, shy ... it will show through your features and posture. Maybe that's why girls may looks through you. You're possibly giving off the wrong vibes. You look A LOT better than many guys out there so don't ever feel like you're not hot enough, cause you are! =)

    • Again, I apologize the 1st pic is myself in the middle of doing or yelling something at work, the 2nd is just a random cell phone pic after a long day. My adams apple sticks out a little, my head is a little bigger than most peoples and I don't have the best posture(not horrible either) because I have kyphosis (curved back), so I don't know if its a bad combination of traits or what.

      A lot of times I feel confident and it almost doesn't seem to matter, especially if there are other guys around

  • There is nothing wrong with you. The first picture, as other girls have pointed out, looked kinda scary. But in the second pic you look like a normal guy. Are you the most handsome guy? No. But you aren't ugly either. Different girls have different types and I'm sure there are plenty of girls who like you, but don't say anything about it. If you approached me and had a good personality, I would give you my number. Just be confident, fun, nice. And don't forget to smile.

  • Okay here's honestly, you're not UGLY but you're not drop dead gorgeous. You're somewhere in the middle.

    Honestly, I'm only 17 and I like the boys in skinny jeans and not that much as of now.

    Maybe you seem like the friend type; some guys fall under that category. Maybe some girls are too artificial to actually date you, because you aren't George Clooney(although I don't really think he's hot). I mean you're only 23, maybe you just need to get out more. Have more fun, smile? I really don't know.

    But you wanted honest.

    • I get out on occasion have plenty of fun most of the time, but never have a girl 2 show my fun side. When I do go out, that's when it's like I'm invisible.I get along with most people well and alway always try making people laugh in asarcastic way(I do most of the time) even complete strangers. I do need to smile more.Neither are very good pics,1 of them is of me screwing around at work and the other is a crapy cell phone pic.

      Anything else I should do to spruce up my appearance? Thnx 4 ur input

    • Well, I don't know what you dress like but you can possibly change your look some. New year, ya know?

      Or maybe try going to a new place, like a karaoke bar or something. Those sound like fun, and you can get up and show everyone you are up for a good time, even if you make a fool of yourself.

      Hope with the new year good things happen to you.

  • You look pretty ok in the 2nd photo. If people tell you you have an egg shaped head (I can't really tell from the photos), you can try changeing up your hair a bit. Maybe leave it a little longer and muss it up with gel or something. Haha, I agree with other commenters about the first pic being scary!

    • Thanks,

      but I don't get what's scary about the 1st one. I actually thought iy was the better pic? I guess that shows how much I know about what girls find attractive/unattractive.

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    • It's kinda hard to tell from just 2 photos. as you can see the angle and expression and lighting make quite a bit of difference. maybe post another from a different angle? 3/4 or profile?

    • I have to get more pics

  • I think you look perfectly fine :)


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