Cross Dressing, Jeggings, Tight pants?

Hey. Alright, I don't know whether this is actually 'Cross Dressing'

To put any questions aside, I'm 15 years old, male, straight.

Basically, I want to start and wear tight pants, mainly for school but out and about it general. I'm thinking of Jeggings, or some tight fitting jeans.

I hate having clothes that aren't tight, it feels horrible. Plus I'm a little feminine, so that may be why I want to wear clothes such as Jeggings.

I just want to know, what do you think to guys that wear these types of tight fitting clothes? I do try and work on my butt and legs, so I guess it won't look pathetic down there if I wore them.

Another issue is it being accepted in public, as many don't agree with this type of stuff, I don't know why either.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks guys! <3


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  • You do you. But you have to keep in kind that not everyone would be open to accepting that idea. You'd probably get tons of mean stares and comments. I suggest you do it only when you're mentally ready to take on the shitstorm people will be throwing at you.

    • Any advice that I should say to anyone giving grief?

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    • Kind of pathetic how things like that wouldn't be accepted in the general public, I mean, I wear thongs basically daily just because of the comfort and no VPL, but nobody knows about that as they dont see them, so I guess thats as positive.

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  • Don't worry man just put what you fucking want and show them nice cakes 😘

    • I mean, I want to wear them as I hate the feel of baggy clothes, when they just cause friction against your leg, with tight fitting clothes it'd just be there, not causing any bother. Not because I want to show off my butt, although id presume people would be looking if I wore them in public -.-

    • I'll check your sweet cakes out I think many would but why be afraid of showing off your nice ass

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  • I think we are moving forward somewhat and people are generally allowed wear what they want - If they feel happy and comfortable who is society to object?