Guys, what is appropriate smart but sexy student wear?

Through high school I used to wear wide hoodies and Nike sneakers. I am a top engineering student but don't really know how to dress accordingly.

What would you say a smart, size 12 student should wear? I want to look atractive but appropriate.

Thanks :)

  • Long Skirt
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  • Short knee -length skirt
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  • Skinny- jeans
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  • Knee-length dress
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  • I think you would be okay in all of the above


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  • If you wear something provocative and are an engineering student, you are going to get so, sooo much attention lol.

    • Haha I was just visiting my sisters freshmen class in a skirt and heels. I was so happy and confident.

  • Go with something that's fitted to your body and shows off your best features. For you, what would you say looks best on your body?

    • Hi! I like wearing tight shirts because I have a slim waist, but my tush always takes all the attention. I really don't want to look too provocative so I try to cover it up.

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    • B cup - lucky me!

    • Very nice! lol!

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