Everytime iv worked out gym and buy new fashion clothes my body grow and clothes fit tight?

I dont use dryer when laundry cuz clothes shrink. I use outside air dry.

I find this frustrating. Me no exercise to be like body builder. Me want be thin i lost 20+ pound now 180. But still clothes to tight.

Any advice?

Even when i up size clothes end up not fitting


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  • Buy them 2 sizes bigger than normal.

    • then shirt look like dress... and pants look to baggy. I don't like that.

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  • mind how you are washing your clothes. make sure you use cold water to wash as hot water (especially when air drying) can cause clothes to shrink


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  • Hot water and cotton don't play nice

    • No use hot water. Some clothes i never wear or wash in month and they dont fit

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