Girls, can men wear women's undies?

I just want to be clear on a few things. I don't mean a girls panties I mean if he buys his own. Also no lace just regular cotten and such. I mean styles like boy shorts, briefs, and hip huggers.

I ask this because I've found that they are actually much softer and if I stick to the right styles and buy a size up, they fit nicely. Men's are also boring as far as color options so it's nice to have more choices.

Pleasw don't rip me apart. I'm not gay or anything like that, I just find them comfortable.


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  • Sure, if he wants to.

    • Okay cool. Do you think women would be okay with it in the dating world if he explains why?

    • I think that as long as he explains it, then women will probably accept it. Of course, for a lot of people, it will be just too weird.

  • Sure, if they want to. But why? Men's underwear are way more comfortable.