How Can I get A guy to Notice me?

Like every time I tell my friend I like a guy and they keep telling me to go pass him and if I do I feel like I'm not notice able.


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  • Well girls I've gotten to notice with the "technique" your friends told you to do usually they try to stand out somehow. You can't just rush past them or walk past them and think they will notice.

    Try to:

    1. Bump into the guy ( look at him and smile, and maybe "mouth" a "Hi") yes, no words have to even come out.

    2. Walk from the opposite side maybe get in his way, not completely but enough to maybe make him react to your walking. ( you could again , smile, touch your hair when you do, and say something if you want)

    3. If the place is right. If he is doing something and you are somehow are able to interact without being " weird". Do it. Lets say for example: a store at the mall, you see him looking at a cd. Go and look at a cd near him and just say something like " omg I love that band" just make sure you don't completely lie and maybe know something about it, or pick up a cd that you might know and ask if he knows about it, just try to make small talk. If a guy is interested or in any way not an a$$hole, he will talk back.

    I don't know if that helps , but I know I would def. Notice a girl trying to get my attention.


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  • Okay this is simple be outgoing and assertive but not to outgoing dress like no one else will if you create your own personality without falling in the crowd he will notice you. another thing if he notices you already and you just can't tell cut your hair or get highlights something that makes you pop out and he's like died or cut you hair...BUT MOST OF ALL BE YOURSELF NO GUY LIKES A GIRL WHO IS NOT TRUE TO HERSELF SO BE YOU MOMMA.....

    • Thank You Very MUch......I think I'm going to us your advice...thanks I do appreciate that a lot...

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