Girls, What kind of undies would you recommend?

I'm trying to impress this guy I'm really close to , he said he wants to see my panties, what kind would he like to see?


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  • maybe you should as him what HE likes. all guys have different tastes.
    or maybe find what is most flattering for ur body type and go with those :)

    • I love bikini style.

    • Should I play a joke on him by wearing brief panties?

    • that would b funny. its totally up to you tho. whatever ur comfy with :)

  • Depends on your age, I'm guessing your 15-17 so I'd say a thong... if your younger than that then don't...

    • I'm 15 , I don't own a thing where can I get a cheap thong?

    • Primark🙌🏼 you should really be able to get them anywhere, they're not that expensive

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