Eye contact with pretty eyes?

Guys. If you're talking to a girl who has pretty, gorgeous, beautiful etc. eyes, is it hard to make eye contact with them? Or does it make it easier?


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  • The depends on:

    A) Whether or not you're attracted to her,

    A1) How shy/confident you are. If you're shy you might still like her, but not be able to meet her gaze. On the flipside, if you feel no shyness in looking at her eyes (hiding behind the social brocade of 'looking someone in the eye when you talk' helps) it makes it way easier and more fun.

    A2) Even if you're not attracted to her, confidence is still a factor, I think. the less fear, the higher the likelihood.

    B) What kind of eyes. If they're striking, predatory, hard or another less-than-friendly descriptor, it's going to be hard to look her in the eye.

    And if they're beautiful and you kinda like her, it's totally a thrill to be able to look directly into her eyes.


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