How do I get rid of these dark circles under my eyes?

I've had these dark circles all my life.

I have tried a few different things to try and get rid of them, such as sleeping more, sleeping less, taking naps, taking multivitamins.

I don't want to try any of that weird stuff like cucumbers on the eyes or rubbing wet q-tips on the affected areas. Also, I would very much rather not put moisturizer, creams, and other crap on my face, either.

I've considered the fact it may be allergies, but time and again I've asked my doctor if I could take tests to find out what I'm allergic to, but he always says it's not worth testing.

I don't know what else to do, and I would really be happy if my grad picture (which will be taken in February) showed me WITHOUT dark circles under my eyes. I'm tired of having them.


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  • Try three things

    Hemrhoidal cream (no kidding it works)

    Cucumber slices (frozen)

    Vitamin A