Do girls prefer dressy or casual style?

Do girls like a guy who is always dressed to the nines, with coordinated outfits and button down shirts, always dressing up as much as they can while still fitting in with the occasion? Or do you prefer a guy who is able to dress down and be comfortable more often than not, without getting all fancy?

(I know it all depends on the situation, I'm just asking about the average, most of the time).

FYI: When I say "casual" I don't mean someone slobbish with no style. I'm assuming that both examples have good style and outfit coordination. The only difference is casual or dressy, you can assume both are in good taste.


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  • I like a guy with a bit of style - meaning something interesting or a little different - but that doesn't necessarily mean "dressed up" all the time. Especially since I love to sport jeans and a cool tee most of the time. So I suppose I'd be in the casual camp.


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  • I go with the casual look because I myself dress very casually. A guy who is able to dress down and be comfortable is a total keeper (in my opinion). A casual dresser makes themselves look down to earth and confident. It also gives them a clean-cut look. I am just more attracted to guys in t-shirts then guys in a fancy button down shirt.

    If we were at a ceremony of some sort - then by all means dress fancy. But if its just a walk outdoors or a trip to the mall -- dress normal.

    So yes, go for that nice pair of jeans and a cool t-shirt - because its freakin' hot.

  • I mean yes the occasion does matter but if we are going to a casual dance club or having dinner at chili's then I like a clean pair of tennis shoes jeans and one of those cool shirts from Pac Sun and a hat. If we are going to an upscale club or a fancy restaurant then yes get decked out.

  • I think that it depends on the occasion. If you are going out to eat. A button up shirt and nice jeans are hott! But if you are just going for a walk or to the movies or something like that, then casual is fine. I like casual most of the time but when you need to stir it up a bit and impress, then dress the part.

  • Well...

    I'm going to be completely honest. I think a man in a tee shirt and sweat pants is the cutest they come. I like it when a guy can dress nice but also bum it sometimes. A guy that dresses up every day for school comes off high maintenance to me at least. I guess I don;t really have a strong opinion on this subject I just prefer a guy who meets both ends in the middle.



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