Girls, So are there any Girls that like Speedos on Guys?

So over the past couple years, I have gotten in really good shape from a pretty strict diet and lots of time in the gym.

i am going to Florida next week, and was thinking about getting a pair of speedos because I would like to show off my body.

Seems like girls hate speedos though reading other threads?

I would like to hear some more opinions, please
Hey let's here some more opinions, pull-lese


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  • I like them, just not on senior citizens.

    • I thought there might be a couple out there, lol

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  • No, I think Speedos usually look awful, but your body would look good in proper trunks anyway.

    • So I noticed you used the word 'usually'... So are there some guys you think look good in speedos? (I mean I would expect women not to be into average or below average bodies in them)

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    • Not even like an Olympic swimmer?

    • Not really, no.

  • I don't like them on any guy, no matter how toned. A good body in board shorts... yummy.