Girls, What are great ballerina flats for to wear this Fall?

So Fall is upon us and was wondering what will be great ballerina flats for Fall, no open toe please, and don't worry about been too cold for flats I live in Texas so it doesn't get that cold. I ask this questions because I have fun reading all your answers so try to have fun too.

Try to keep the shoe colors with the season, like bronws, reds, orange and such, also orange is my favorite color=:D


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  • This is a bit too random as you've left no real parameters like, "I like a funky shoe," or "blue is my favorite color." So...

    Knock yourself out.

    • Oh sorry about that, but I thought it would be self explanatory since in Fall most common colors would be oranges, browns, reds and such. But thqnx for the response I will be more specific next time =:3

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  • Looking for help cross-dressing? Shouldn't you try a specialty store for that?

    • Someone once told me that just watering women's shoes doesn't count as crossdressing, I don't know really don't care, I just like wearing ballet flats with my male clothes and I find ballerina flats my size in every common shoe store I didn't even know they had special stores for crossdressing , I own like 30 pairs, men feet aren't that big as people think. =:D

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    • I know men's sizing because in order to find shoes that I liked for skateboarding as a youngster, I had to look at the men's shoes. I wear a women's 10. That's a men's 8. I can sometimes get away with a men's 7.

    • So do I, I mean I am guy after all and still waar men's shoe on occasions , but never said this sizing rules are set in stone it just greatly depends on the shoes, I have gone up a size when wearing women's but never 2 =:3