Do girls ever wear flats to walk to the bar and leave them at the coat check after changing into heels?

Sometimes I wear flats or easy-to-walk-in heels when I go out, but if ever I want to walk to the bar in flats, carry my heels, and then switch it up once I get to the bar/club, can I put my flats in my coat sleeves and leave them at the coat check? Obviously this would only work when it's cold enough for the bar/club to have a coat check. Also, when it's cold AND snowy, can I leave boots with my coat at the coat check and change into nicer shoes? Now that I live downtown I always walk to the bars/clubs instead of taking a cab, so it's a new issue for me. I have some nice boots I wouldn't mind wearing to certain places, but it would be nice to know that these are options.


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  • At a coat check - You are paying for an item too be kept so bring a bag for shoes to be kept in and receive a ticket for - Some coat checks may not have facilities to cope with wet, snowy outdoor shoes - That is only problem I see.


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  • So girls do dress for guys, don't they

    • What does that have to do with my question? I sometimes wear heels because it looks nice with my outfit or because it's more suitable to where I'm going. It doesn't matter whether I'm dressing for myself, for other girls or for guys.

    • I'm just sayin'

    • And yes, some girls do that by the way. Not all though

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  • I've never seen that done, but you can find some winter boots that are both warm and look sexy, believe it or not!

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