Guys, How do I look sexy in sneakers?

I sprained my ankle so I can't wear heels anymore!

If girls can comment please do! I don't know why it was put down as a question for guys. lol


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  • Without pictures it is hard to tell but plenty of shoes can be sexy. It does not have to be heels. You may also want to look into some cute boots because they will also give you better ankle support.

  • Lets see...

    are you a woman?

    If yes then you'll most likely look sexy in a poorly stitched together animal skin let alone a pair of sneakers. Don't worry about it.

    Personally, heels bug me because I could never understand how anyone could wear something so uncomfortable, let alone walk in them. As long as the woman's comfortable, I couldn't care less what she wears.

    • I'm vegan, so no animal skin for me! :) Heels are uncomfortable most the time, lol.

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    • They're sexy and make me tall.

    • Simple and straightforward, thanks.

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