Should I shave or wax?

So, I want to start having a smooth body. I'm 15 years old and I'm quite 'hairy' and I honestly hate it so much. I'd rather have a smooth body instead of some jungle body.

I just don't know how to get this smooth body. Whether to shave, or wax. I've never really trimmed and part of my body aside from my gentials and face.

Im guessing waxing is painful, and shaving isn't that bad. Although I need to know of recommended ways to do this, such as which way to shave, or how to wax etc. As well as products to buy, please note I'm from the UK so I don't think I'll be able to buy any U. S. products :(

I just really want a whole body that's smooth, yes, top to toe. It feels gross having hairs! I'm guessing most of the answers will be from girls, as it's more known for y'all to shave / wax or whatever than it is for guys, but that's not an issue, I'm quite feminine to be honest!

As for products, the only thing I know off is the no no shaver thing, plus my mothers 'veet' thing. I think It'd come off weird if I asked her to use it, so yea :/

Hopefully I can get some advice, thanks! <3

Any other opinions? I really wanted some girls to reply, as most shave / wax and I thought id get some advice :/


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  • Be prepared to become a gymnist and get laid by gays.

    • I get why you say be prepared to be laid by gays, but why'd you say be prepared to be a gymnist? And nobody will barely see my body or legs so I'm not too bothered about the gay thing.

    • Gymnists are usually the only guys who shave all their body hair. Swimmers too I guess.