Girls, What factors affect if you would go topless at the beach?

I am wondering what factors affect whether you would consider going topless at the beach? Please rate each of these questions as very important, important or not important to if you would consider going topless at the beach. I have included my answers next to each for myself.
1. If other girls are also topless. IMPORTANT
2. It is legal (allowed) to be topless. VERY IMPORTANT
3. The size of my breasts (indicate if it is due to being too large or too small). MEDIUM SIZED, BUT NOT IMPORTANT
4. Don't want guys looking at me. NOT IMPORTANT
5. Don't want people potentially taking photos of me. VERY IMPORTANT
6. I don't like my breasts NOT IMPORTANT
7. I don't like my nipples/ areola. NOT IMPORTANT.

I am from Europe so often go topless. I was wondering what other girls thought of these reasons that may stop people going topless.


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  • Well, fellow girl who is definitely also a girl, I'd have to say that it simply doesn't appeal.