Girls, Ladies, please help me figure out what to wear to a cocktail party?

Hi Ladies,

I'm a crossdresser (part-time), but I've found that I really enjoy being in my femme mode. I'm not sure I can explain what it is, but there's a part of me that just feels really comfortable that way, and I certainly love the clothes.

I have some great friends who are very open minded and accepting of this part of me. In fact, one of them invited me (in femme mode) to be his date to a cocktail party coming up in two and a half weeks! I'm super excited, and also a bit nervous, as I've never been to this kind of event as a girl.

I have plenty of girl clothes, but most of them are pretty casual - certainly nothing that I could wear to an event like this. And, I must say how much I understand now when women say half the fun of something like this is the shopping (and also understand how hard it can be at the same time!).

Would you give me some recommendations as to what would be good? The more detail the better! My goal is to be classy and blend in as much as possible. My friends do tell me that I'm pretty blendable in my casual clothes, especially from a distance. I'd love your suggestions, though, as I've never put an outfit together like this before! If it helps, I'm 5'7", 148 lbs (and dropping!).



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  • A long slinky dress