What should I really do?

well there is this guy ...the first time he asked me out I said no because I hardly knew him.(OK I knew he existed but we had never talked actually we used to just by pass each other.) the first days after I had rejected him ...he didn't talk to me. then suddenly like a week later ..he used to send me texts saying hi beautiful (such names). but most of the time I just ignored them ...so one day I decided to reply him... our conversation flowed so well...he talked about how much he wants to be with me...he was like I can't get out of his head...he keeps thinking of me...so I asked him what he knew about me that he's attracted to. he was like everything...from my eyes ,smiles, personality, style ...so I was like ...how did you know my personality yet we have never talked...he was like I used to ask your classmates and they would tell me every thing about you...cause he even knew my name ..and I wasn't that popular maybe among my classmates. he told me what he liked about me and my body. he was like I am a dream to him because its the only way he feels close to me. we talked for a very long time something like 6 hours...he was like he doesn't want to stop talking to me because I make his day. he also said that he keeps dreaming of me and him together .he was like he has never talked to a girl for that long without getting bored or irritated. so my question is should I pay attention to what he is saying or not ...do you guys think I should give him a chance.or he just playing with my mind. Thanks for the advice in advance.


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  • I think he might like you as well as he might be lying just to get with you you can never be sure you just need to take your time, cancel sex out of your head and concentrate on what he is saying. From experience I know that men can say anything just to get with you, they know just how to charm us, (no one can say how he actually feels except for him) but pleeeeeease be careful!